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Project on its way October 24, 2006

Posted by aiesecexperience in The Project Status.

OK ppl, we got to a point where projects has started to take a form, now since my last post we had had one meeting in the Chess-court at the Jordan university to talk about the questions, Annika stopped by and gave us some useful advices, which we took to consideration, we rephrased the questions so that the students might answer even of they got ZERO knowledge about CSR,  I’ll make a special post listing the final form of the questioner, any way, I went home after that, made “Eftar” then started typing the questions, I saved it to my flash memory and the next day before our official meeting with Annika in the UN leadership institute I went to a computer lab at university and printed out a copy for each team member, then I went to the meeting and found Karam, who pointed out several spelling mistakes and grammatical ones, which reminds me I REALLY should start improving my English because it turned out its much WORSE then I expected, any way the questions could be understood even with the mistakes, so we agreed that each one should get 15 copies filled ASAP, so we can start making the conclusions and results.

so now I am waiting for everyone to hand it their part of th work so we can decide what methodes we will use to make our full detailed report



1. Hayat - February 4, 2007

Hi every body, while searching for some information about CSR as a part ofmy thesis work, I could find your website. In fact I wonder if I could know the rsult of your study about CSR and more detailes information about it. Is it a scientific research that you did in cooperation with a well known cooperation or for Professor at the university,or it is just out of interest for personal use. Please I would be thankful of you could provide me with useful information, so that I may use in my study as a reference

Best regards,

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3. Carri - August 2, 2013

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