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short post about 2 meetings October 24, 2006

Posted by aiesecexperience in The meetings.

Hey again every one

First of all HAPPY EID, I know it has been too long since I updated this blog but honestly I have been TOTALY BUSY these past weeks, ok let me fill you in on what happened we have had 2 meetings since last update (I think…its hard to keep track of all the stuff that is happening in my life these days), so lets see what happened in those 2 meetings:

the first: I really enjoyed this one, Annika was again gave “active learning” a new definition, her creative ways of getting things across are interesting and funny, and the meetings are getting less and less “lecture-like”, if my memory is serving me right that meeting was about the AIESEC organization, it’s princibles, laws, goals etc etc etc.

Annika was explaining the concept of AIESEC being a “platform” and she jumped up on the table infront of us to give us the idea of what a platform is, and how different things are parts of a platform and how.

oh and we were informed about AIESEC internal organization system, personaly I find it to be a bit too “uncentral” but if it has worked for about 60 yearsm it must have some kind of element Annika didn’t explain in details that made it work, so I’ll check the AIESEC blogs and web-sites to get a better idea,

the 2’nd meeting was very interesting but at the same time a bit more boreing then the other ones, it was about the exchange system AIESEC follows,  as I said it was very interesting and full of usefull information, but it I think its a bit to early to get into the exchange thing, I know its an important part of the AIESEC experience, but for me it was a blow to be tought about it so early, perhaps  I felt it to be a bit boreing its because of the “surprise” , but to be honest it had a few moments full of laught and fun.

now the two meeting had a lot of stuff that I would like to share with you, but I can’t put more then 15 minutes aside to update my blog and I still have to write a post about the project, so please forgive me,

again Happ Eid every one!!!



1. imparare - April 15, 2007

Interesting comments.. 😀

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