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AIESEC brand October 31, 2006

Posted by aiesecexperience in The meetings.

After the Eid vacation our exams started so it was even harder to find a time for us to meet with Anni, but she declared a time for this weeks meeting, which is/was suppose to be about the AIESEC brand but it turned out to be at the same time of one of my exams, so with a bit of coordination I was able to go to another group’s meeting, held by Asier, which turned out to be interesting, it was different from anni’s meetings but not in a bad way, I can’t say it was better or worse then hers but simply different, they each got their own method which seems to work perfectly, but perhaps they could meet up and talk about it, so each could better his or her way, any way back to the brand of AIESEC, Asier first explained the meaning of brand in general in a very nice way, personally I think he might have spent to much time on this part but I am sure he knew what he was doing, well I don’t think I should mention all the details about the meeting but to summon what I got from it, the AIESEC brand is an important part in the marketing activities in the organization, I would simply describe it as the banner or flag the AIESECs hold up high when entering each and every battle, its also the organizations united signature.



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