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An after vecation party (I needed that) October 31, 2006

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Well well , here we are after the Eid vacation, I hope you all had a lovely time, and didn’t worry too much about the mid-term exams that started right after the vacation,

      To the important stuff… ME and MY vacation, !!! well I had a great time, I spent it with my friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, we had one devastating problem after an other, but we had so much fun solving them together that I don’t care that I wasted my money on stupid stuff and spent a day in the hospital vomiting blood,

Any way, the good vacation, which I thought was going to end terrible, ended with a NICE surprise, I was checking my email and found an invitation for an Halloween party to welcome our first two AIESEC Interns here in Jordan, so on a very SHORT notice I tried to find a costume, which apparently was harder then I thought, but thanks to two friends at the university I had a costume to wear for the party (so a thousand thanks to my best friends “you know who you are”), any way, it turned out that the place of the party was changed and I had already left before they sent the email about the changing but luckily a friend hacked my email that day and she was smart enough to find out that I had no idea about the new place, so she called me INTERNATIONALY to inform me ( thanks Maria, I owe you one).

And to the party I went, not the best party I have attended, I didn’t get out of it with all the benefits I wanted, but I am not complaining, I might have wanted to do a bit more mingling myself, but unfortunately I had to spend my time making other people mingle (they really didn’t look like the party kind of people, perhaps I should start giving lessons, at least that way I’ll have a chance to enjoy the party more myself)

Long story short it was nice party, a lot of different people, and I had people actually try my eid kaa’k and ma’mool, (I hope they liked it)

       So happy Halloween every one



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