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Am I in or out?? November 17, 2006

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     It has been a very long time since I last posted anything, but I have been VERY BUSY, so let me get you up to date

well we finished our project and handed it in, it wasn’t as great as we expected and wanted but it was OK,

After that we had out interviews, mine was last Monday, it I was SO READY FOR it, I had ideas and puchlines ready to use, but something went wrong and I kind of got lost in the interview.

then on a peacfull afternoon, while haveing a late lunch with my friends, I got a phone call from Monnic, and you should have seen me when she told me that I got in to AIESEC, I was screaming of joy “I GOT IN, I GOT IN”

After that I started thinking more and more about the “Team leader” possition, I wasn’t really planning to apply for it as my schedual is already full as it is.  But after a lot thinking meditating I decided to go for it, I sent the application and waited…. then on a beautiful morning while I was takeing my morning shower to get ready to go to the university I got another call from Monnic, and she gave me SOME REAL HARD TIME, she kept telling me how many students applied for the leadership posstions and how it was SO HARD to pick only 6 students etc etc etc, and all the time I was thinking “oh she is just trying to let me down easly and not hurt my feelings for being rejected” but then she said “you were picked” and I was sooooooooooo shocked, I didn’t know if she was kidding or trying to confuse or something, but it seems that I am the new  team leader for learning at the SCR project, *Hight Five to ME*

well we got much to do from this point forward, we got a conference at Aqaba next week, before that there is  a team-leaders meeting, and the parents meeting, and the preperation for the conference meeting

Things might get MAD from now on, but on the bright side I AM IN, I AM IN



1. dragonsvamp - November 17, 2006

congrats man! guess some people were lucky to be around to see you scream your heart out when you found you got in…lol

2. Annika - November 17, 2006

Congratulations on both counts! I’ll see you bright and early at the team leaders meeting tomorrow morning. 🙂

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