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Aqaba conference November 26, 2006

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      I had the greatest 3 days conference at Aqaba ever, so many things happen and there are so many things I want to write so this might be a long post but I’ll try to shorten it as much as possible.

      First of all and what is most important is about the sugar-cubes (or whatever they are called) I was so bust that I started writing them a bit late and then I had to leave early before everyone so I didn’t have a chance to put in all those I wrote, plus I didn’t even write all the ones I wanted to write because as I have said a thousand time I AM BAD WITH NAMES, any how I have to say something very important here, on the 2’nd day of the conference I felt a bit overloaded and stressed out, and it took a few moments from some GOOD AIESEC friends to make me open my eyes and look around, and when I did I saw some of you (you refers to AIESEC members who attended the conference) also feeling a bit down and tired which made me KNOW that I am not alone and that I am a part of the AIESEC members, and I also saw some still standing and handling the stressful situation and that made me believe I could do it too, so a great THANK YOU to each and EVERY one of you (NO EXCEPTIONS)


      OK now to what happened, well on Thursday morning I got home from work at about 8, I quickly packed my stuff and tip toed out of the house, took the first cab I found, we met up at main gate of Jordan University and waited for the bus, which was a bit late, but all well what ends well, and we started out about 4 hour trip to Aqaba, we had some of fun on the way there, I had to get some sleep on the bus as well because I had spent the 3 days before it sleeping less then 4 hours a day, I wish I could mention the things that did happen on the way, but I said I’ll make this post as short as I could ( but its not going to short).

    So we got to Aqaba in one piece and entered the hotel, got our room numbers and keys, my first roommate was a great guy called Ahmad from Yarmook university, but due to the “smoking factor” and that fact that he was not a smoker and I am, we had a few room changes, so my 2’nd room mate was another great guy, and guess what he’s name was Ahmad too and he is also from Yarmook (We can’t run from destiny) , now before I forget I really want to sent a WARM thanks and “a pleasure to meet you” to both of my roommates (please if you know them pass the message and check the end of the post for important information)

    Lets see after that we went to start the activities, and if I was going to write down all our activities I would need more then a gigabyte of space online so I am not going to write it down unless its very important and special.

   After a visit to MacDonald’s late that night we went back to the hotel and I just had to get some sleep (after 4 days with less then 15 hours of sleep daily and none of which was longer then 2 hours in a row) so I went up to my room read a few pages of the novel I got and went to sleep, and we woke up on Oksana’s voice and knock on the door (message to Oksana: we woke up on the first nock, there was no need to come back and knock again 😉  ), and at breakfast I found out that my friends had stayed up having fun that night and they didn’t even ask if I wanted to join them SHAME ON YOU.

        Half way through the 2’nd day I just felt so down I started to think I wanted to quite AIESEC,  looking back at those moments I feel that it was stupid, but I also found out why I was thinking like that coz its so NOT ME, and I’ll mention it later in this post.

        I am going mad while I am writing this, I don’t know what to write and what not to, its sooooooooooo much, ok ok  I can’t write more about the events just 2 last notes:


1) I was chosen as one of the most inspiring people at the conference, and I and I AM SO HONORED, I am sure the other 2 people who were also elected are the only ones who can understand how great it feels, … THANX A LOT guys for choosing me, I do hope I was a good influence.


2) Since I started my AIESEC experience I have found some of my bad sides and have learned to fix them and become a better person, and also it has made me change my thinking patterns, it have never given me an answer to my questions or tools to change my mindset, it just had putted me in an atmosphere were I actually start thinking about these kind of stuff .



Ok I said before that on the 2’nd day I felt soooo down and stressed and wanting to give up, but I know I AM NOT LIKE THAT, so why did I behave like that, why didn’t I just adapt to the situation, I have been adapting to different and really difficult things my whole life, first I thought it was lack of sleep and that things turned out to be more demanding that I expected after that I thought it might be because I didn’t have my medication and my adrenalin was going over the roof , but after a 1.5 hour international call with a good friend who happens to be a psychiatrist ( Linda I’ll  pay you back for that call by the way and sorry for keeping you home on Saturday night), I found out why I was not acting how I usually do, its because I was actually trying to not act as I usually do, I was not going with my flexible nature, I was making my personality stiff as a board, exactly how I have been acting when ever I have to deal with new people from the local Jordanian society (I am not good with dealing with them) and usually that method has worked quite well, but those situations never involved continues interaction for MANY HOURS in a row, and it was not with people as great as those I met in AIESEC, so by being NOT me in a situation where I being the just me would have been accepted, I broke myself by myself, it wasn’t the stress or amount of info or lack of sleep and brakes, it was ME, and now I have learned my lesson and I will be able to use that for any future situation,

Well I have to give my gratitude to Leen and Dana –the other 2 team leaders in my PBox- who supported me so much and gave me all the spirit up lifting that I needed, and I also can’t thank Maale -our external- enough coz she offered so much help and she was so nice even though she could have given up on me and thought I was a weak team leader,  and of course Monnica didn’t stand on the side in silence, she kept reminding me that she will always be there as she have been since the first day in my AIESEC experience.


It has been a long post but I have a few last things I have to ask you

1) please spread the link to my blog coz from now on I might post details about what is happening in my PBox (that’s the team I am a part of at AIESEC incase you don’t know) and I would LOVE to get some feed back and advices on everything possible.


2) If any one know Ahmad my 2’nd room mate at Yarmook university, we were staying at room 305, please tell him to send me a SMS coz I lost his number and I owe him so money, or you can send me his number directly, just make sure it’s the Ahmad who stayed in 305 and he is the one who smokes.


3) We are going to work a lot AIESEC and we will interact with each other a lot, or at least I hope so, but each and every one of the AIESEC members  who were in the conference was SO GREAT and open minded and sophisticated ( some more then others) that I would really like to meet up and hang out even when we are not doing AIESEC stuff so when ever there is an event or something spread the word and lets meet, and I will be visiting Irbid more from now one so I hope I’ll be meeting my fellow AIESEC members there too.



1. Oksana - November 27, 2006

Wow, long post, man!
And thanks for your input about wake up 🙂
I ll take it into consideration for next conference!

2. Nada Momani - November 28, 2006

Hey Hamzeh;
ya a really really long post; but make sure that its interesting you wont stop reading it until you finish it. Second and due to the fact that you’re not really good in names I’ll give you 48 hours to guess who am I 🙂 ??? In fact am sure am worse than you in names; but I have to remember you cause you’re my team leader:) oops.
Third I really like the idea that you shared your doubts about continuing in AIESEC , to tell you the truth I had the same doubts but I didn’t have the courage to share it with every body else I told two girls, one of them is my dearest friend Huda ( I guess you all know her –an AIESEC member-) . She really gives me a great push, despite that at first she was yelling
And now am a hundred percent sure that I was crazy to think that way:)
Looking forward Hamzeh to work with you and know you better, see you soon.
Ah and by the way how can you manage to stay late at night writing posts??? 🙂 Yesterday I was struggling to stay awake till 20:30 🙂


3. mahmoud - December 1, 2006

hi hamza, i want to give you an advice please next time make it shorter 🙂 but good work friend

4. Szaki - December 29, 2006

Hi Hamza!

First, i’m sure you don’t know me, so a quick intro from my side: I’m Szaki from Hungary, but if you ask Oksana, then she will know for sure who I’m:)

As for the post: it was so great to read all your thoughts! I have jsut read through most pf your stories and i was just amazed how brave and great guy you are. Especially with this “quiting or not” thing what Dana has also mentioned. I think all AIESECers face some times (or many times:)) this question, but it’s hard to even say it themselves, that ‘i need to make an important decision’. What kept me in this organisation was nothing else, but how I changed through this 2,5 years since I’m in, so if you don’t mind I just suggest to sometimes look back and celebrate yourself…it’s a great thing!
And for sure I will continue on reading your posts;)

All the best!

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