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Visit to LC Irbid, Pbox meeting and more November 30, 2006

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well here I am again to update my blog…

   so let me start with the my most recent visit to Irbif, well a few days ago I sent an email useing the connection list our MC so kindly sent us, and in that email I mentioned that I was planning to be in Irbid on Wednesday and that I would really like to meet up with some AIESEC membes there and hang out if any of them were free, but till Wednesday morning I got no reply from anyone, logic would indecate that none of them would welcome a nice guy like me to their university (HOW RUDE) , but I decided to go to Irbid anyway, on my way there (which took like for ever because the bus driver seemed to belive that going faster then 60 kph is a SIN) I got a SMS from Wasfia, which was very refreashing at least someone was welcomeing me, I replied to her that I was on my way and that I will call when I get there, which I did, but apperantly I was a bit late and she got a bit busy, so I decided to call Mahmoud Shadid, he answered I told him I was at Yarmook he left his meeting with the other Team leaders in his Pbox (what kind of a leader just leaves a meeting 😉 ) any way he picked me up and we went to continue their meeting,… they seem to be organized enought, I guess we are haveing a bit of difficulties at the begining but we’ll get pass it soon I hope, to be frank I concider my Pbox (which is CSR) extreamly LUCKY, our external “maali” is so great and helpfull, but at the same time I am sure the other teams will be able to do it without an external, any way back to the main story, after they finished their meeting, Mahmoud and Rand took me on a short tour at the university, then Mahmoud went to his lab, and Rand continued to show me around, and by the way I like Yarmook more the Jordan university at least at the buildings and streets part, Rand introduced me to her twin sister, then rest of the tour, when Mahmoud finished his lab I met up with him again and he continued my tour around, I have been to Yarmook University before  but never actually went around and checked inside the buildings so at least now I got a better view on what I am missing out on, oh and by the way we pumped into a few AIESEC members while I was haveing the grand tour around the university ( I still got a few buildings I want to check out next time)….

Lets see on the more serious side, we had our Pbox meeting this week, it might not have been as good as I wanted it to be, but it wasn’t so bad, now we are more prepared to meet up with Maali (our external) on saturday so we can finalize the research plan (perhaps even the whole plan), the day before the meeting we had a CSR team leaders  meeting to plan out the Pbox meeting, and we had quite a good plan and outline, but  we were not able to stick to it, but at least now we got a better idea of what concider when planning out next meeting, I also noticed that when we divide taskes to be done individualy the members can get a bit lazy or perhaps I am rong and the only reason some were a bit lazy was because they were still tired from the Aqaba conference, I guess I’ll find out soon, and we’ll change our strategy acordingly.

 about the AISEC.net, I registered but to be honest I am a bit lost there, I don’t know much of what and how to do things, where I can find specific stuff and so on, and I sent an email to Oksana about it, and it seems that the MC will give us a teaching session about it.

SO I’ll soon be updating the blog again after out meeting with Maali on Saturday (in her office, 😀 I am so happy we got her as an external)



1. Friend - December 3, 2006

Does “takeing AIESEC to serious” mean anything??

2. serenarosa61824 - April 9, 2016

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